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Toganoo Collection of Esoteric Buddhism

A case study exploring the description and presentation of Japanese classical texts in a TEI / IIIF ecosystem

Below are the slides and text of a short paper co-presented with Tomoko Bialock, Hiroyuki Ikuua, and Kiyonori Nagasaki at the Japanese Association of Digital Humanities (JADH) Conference in Tokyo, September 11, 2018

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Mirador example - IIIF Workshop (DHSI 2018)

UC DLF: Participatory Digital Collections

Below are the slides and speaking notes for our Collections Lab presentation on “Participatory Digital Collections: Opportunities for Enhancement, Experimentation, and Transformation,” presented at the 2018 UC DLF at UC Riverside.

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Towards Speculative Catalogs (DH 2017)

This is a paper given at the Digital Humanities 2017 Conference as part of the panel Beyond Access: Critical Catalog Constructions, July 2017, Montréal.

My talk today focuses on framing our session theme of Beyond Access: Critical Catalog Constructions by outlining three potential areas of inquiry or exploration:

  1. Understanding the historical context, cultural biases, technical and other artifacts inherent to catalogs
  2. Rethinking our understanding of the catalog “reader”
  3. Moving toward the notion of “Speculative Catalogs”; or, how might we achieve points of access that facilitate active reframing and interrogation of our collections by “readers”
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Re-Imagining the Stack: Minimal Computing at Scale in the Digital Library

Below are the slides and edit-for-print text of a talk I gave as part of the “Minimal Computing in Libraries: Case Studies and the Case for” panel at the 2016 DLF Forum in Milwaukee, November 2016.

For the past 4 or 5 years, I have been experimenting with and employing minimal computing practices in digital scholarship and pedagogy projects. I had no name for it at the time and it didn’t have the cachet that it might today

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