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An Introduction to Digital Scholarly Editing with TEI

During the week-long Digital Antiquarian Workshop (following the DA Conference), I had the honor of leading a workshop on digital scholarly editing practices, working with a fantastic group of around 20 researchers that made teaching TEI seem easy. I think the context of the session, situated among the other workshops taught by the phenomenal AAS staff and following Michael Winship’s Retrospective of Editorial Standards, was a great way to introduce the topic and I found it helpful to be able to refer back to earlier discussions on various topics such as structural and organizational intention in digital vs. in print, how the editorial process creates a new work, the idea of copy text and witnesses, and questions of editorial choices. Invoking these discussions from the other sessions helped us to ground the practice of TEI and digital editing to the long history of textual studies and to tie this in with questions and issues that come about from doing archival research in this digital era.

You can link to the full-page slides here. I will be posting the exercises and accompanying .xml files soon.

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Childress, Dawn. "An Introduction to Digital Scholarly Editing with TEI." (blog), 01 Jun 2015, https://dawnchildress.com/2015/06/01/daw-tei/.